Try These Strategies to Find a Qualified Listing Agent to Sell Your Home

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The challenge with trying to find an agent to sell your home isn't about getting someone to take the job — it's about finding the right fit. Selling your home is a significant event for most homeowners. You must first find a qualified agent, then make sure your personalities "click."

First, you will want to find someone who knows your area and has expertise in your type of home. But how do you find the best real estate agent in your area? You can start with a list of those you know or regularly see advertised. Even after spending hours gathering an initial list from various sources, your process has just begun.

Cull your list

The next step is to cull your list down to just three or four prospective real estate agents. These will be the ones you meet with and interview to make your final choice. How do you narrow your list? Go back to your research and determine who best fits your criteria:

  • Experience in your area with your type of home (condo, multi-family unit, single home).
  • Strong marketing skills. How did you find them? How do they promote other properties for sale? That's a good indicator of what to expect.
  • Team or individual? Some agents work as a team; others handle it alone. How much personal attention you'd like may influence your decision.

Interview to find the best fit

Assuming that you're confident that any of these three or four agents are qualified to sell your home, the objective for the final interviews is to determine the best fit. Remember, you'll be going on an emotional journey with this agent, so you must be comfortable with your choice. Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan for your interviews:

  • Make note of whether the agent arrives on time or late.
  • Ask all the agents the same questions.
  • Remember, you want to see if they're a fit for you, so stay focused.
  • Ask questions about how they perceive your house, how they would handle situations you might be concerned about, and what trends they see in your neighborhood.
  • Take notes during each interview.
  • Refrain from interjecting; let the agents fully answer your questions.

Once the last interview is done, review your notes for comparison, and choose the one you feel best about.

Accelerate your selection process

Does all of that seem overwhelming? Time consuming? It doesn't have to be.

Best Agent Today uses a proprietary data processing method that analyzes and objectively ranks each agent's performance by ZIP code. As a home seller, you're presented with only three to four of the top 20% of agents in your market to choose from.

We accelerate your process by eliminating all the preliminary legwork. You can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that whatever choice you make, you will be in the hands of a proven expert in your market. Instead, focus on finding the right fit to make your home-selling process as smooth as possible.