Sell Your Home With Confidence Using 7 Tips for a Hassle-Free Closing

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When you want to sell real estate, the selection of an experienced, highly talented agent ought to be your top priority.

A realty expert knows how to sell your house quickly while achieving the highest possible selling price. After accepting an offer, you'll have to get ready for the closing process.

Closing Tips

  • As the seller, you must confirm that you truly own the property and it doesn't have liens against it. A title search will accomplish this. If the search reveals any issues, address them as soon as possible.

  • You'll need to pay a number of fees, taxes and other bills at a home closing. Some owners settle all escrow fees while others split this expense with the buyer. Most sellers pay these costs:

    1. Title search fee
    2. Agent's commission
    3. Any HOA transfer fees
    4. County recording fee
    5. Mortgage balance
    6. Local transfer tax
  • If the buyer discovers significant problems during a house inspection, you should take action to prevent the sale from falling through. You could offer a discount or perform repairs before the closing day.

  • When the buyer schedules a final walk-through, be sure to attend it. This will give you a chance to answer questions and solve any minor problems that surface at the last minute. Your presence could prevent a serious misunderstanding.

Closing Day

A home closing usually occurs one day after the walk-through. It involves signing numerous papers and making payments. In addition to the seller, the individuals attending this meeting often include realty agents, a representative from the title company, the loan officer, the homebuyer, and a lawyer.

  • Remember to carry an unexpired ID card with your picture on it. You also have to bring keys to the home's exterior doors; don't forget the garage door opener and passcodes for any smart locks. Bring proof that all required repairs have been performed.

  • You can leave less important items in an obvious location inside of the house. They include things like instruction manuals, interior door keys, and remote controls. Ensure that every door and window is locked before you depart.

  • Cashier's checks should be used to make major payments at the closing. Still, it's wise to bring your checkbook as well. Personal checks could come in handy if you have to pay any small amounts.

These tips will help you attend the closing confidently and complete a problem-free transaction. Best Agent Today can also boost your likelihood of success by connecting you with the most skillful agents in your locale. We use accurate, up-to-date data to independently rank the performance of each agent.