Sell Your Home Quickly and for Top Dollar With These Staging Tips

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Finding the best agent to sell your home should be your No. 1 priority when you're ready to put your home on the market. But there are also some steps you can take to help achieve top dollar and decrease days on the market.

Have you been wondering, "How can I sell my home fast?" Staging your home has proven to do just that.

  1. Begin early. Plan ahead for staging by walking through your home as though you were a buyer. Will your home be empty when you put it on the market? Consider renting furniture and decor for the primary living spaces to help buyers visualize themselves living in your home. This is also the time to note any repairs that need to be addressed.

  2. More is usually less. When staging a living space, get rid of excess furniture. You want potential buyers to see a clear traffic flow through your home. While you may love your oversized sectional, potential buyers will not want to squeeze around it just to get to your kitchen.

Extra or bulky furniture will also make your living spaces look smaller. Consider short-term storage for those pieces you want to save for your next home. If necessary, rent less bulky furniture until the sale.

This is also the time to:

• Pack away family photos and collectibles.

• Give your home a deep cleaning from top to bottom.

• Steam clean all carpets and drapes.

  1. Stage your kitchen. Kitchens often sell a home, so be sure yours is looking its best with a deep clean, updated cabinet hardware, and sparkling clean appliances. Remove clutter from your countertops and stow away small appliances.

  2. Remember the other senses. It sounds cliche, but the welcoming aroma of freshly baked bread or cookies is inviting to the senses. Also, be sure all electronics are turned off and lights are turned on. Open curtains to bathe your home in natural light.

  3. Create a great first impression. Finally, remember the exterior -- it's the first thing potential buyers see. Give your trim and front door a fresh coat of paint, add color with flowering plants, and stow away garden hoses and children's toys.

Finding the best agent to sell your home should always be your top priority. Not only can an experienced agent manage the transaction, making it as easy for you as possible, but they will also have great tips on presenting your home at its very best. Best Agent Today will remove the guesswork by providing you with the top 20 percent of agents in your market.