Ready to Sell? Do These 8 Things Before Your Realtor Lists Your Home

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You've decided to sell your home. Now what? There are so many concerns swirling through your mind about what you need to do first. Before you list your home, you'll need to ensure it looks its best to attract many buyers and, more importantly, get immediate offers.

Take a moment to look -- really look -- around your home. Pretend you are coming in as a buyer to determine what areas may need your attention. Also, you’ll need to build your own selling team, starting with an experienced local real estate agent who can advise you along the way.

Here are eight essential steps to prepare you and your home for a fast sale!

1. Pick a Realtor to List Your Home

Before you make major changes to your home, you will want to find a good Realtor to sell your house. Top agents have vast experience with listing homes and give you solid advice on preparing your home for sale. Using Best Agent Today provides you with the top 20 percent of agents in your area. So, pick a Realtor from Best Agent Today for an instant leg up on unprepared sellers in your market.

2. Clean Often-Touched Areas

Things that you may overlook in your cleaning routine are the ones you touch the most. Light switches, outlet covers, and door handles are probably some of the most-touched and least-cleaned areas. Doors and windows need to be clear of any fingerprints or smudges. Paying attention to these areas can give your home a sparkling effect. And clean windows will highlight the natural light that comes into your house.

3. Declutter and Depersonalize

You may have areas that are “catch-alls” in your home. Areas like desktops, a corner of the kitchen counter, and bookshelves may contain the daily mess of life or your favorite meaningful knick-knacks --but to outsiders, it looks messy. Even if you have to get storage bins to contain your clutter, make every area of your home neat and tidy. You want prospective buyers to be able to envision themselves living in that space.

4. Fix and Repair Essential Spaces

If you have cracked, peeling paint on your doors and window frames, missing handles on cabinets, and other inexpensive fixes, get them taken care of before you list your home. Your Realtor can help you identify areas that buyers pay special attention to.

5. Paint and Refresh

Fresh paint can make any room appear new and improved. Choosing the right paint can make small rooms appear light and airy. You can also highlight special details, such as trim and crown molding. However, you might want to discuss color choices with your Realtor to go for the broadest possible appeal.

6. Staging Is Critical

If you are on a tight budget, focus on rooms that buyers pay the most attention to: bathrooms, kitchen, master bedroom and living room. If your existing furniture is outdated or worn, consider renting furniture that will optimize these key rooms. Warm touches, such as flowers on the dining table or a bowl of fruit on the island, can help buyers feel right at home.

7. Create an Inviting Entryways

Buyers care about curb appeal. So, consider painting or replacing your front door to make your home attractive and welcoming. Depending on the season, you can add flower pots or decorative touches that capture buyers' attention and make them excited to find out what's inside.

8. Hire Professional Cleaners

A professional cleaner, especially one that focuses on getting homes ready for sale, will likely see dirt and clutter that you have ignored for years. So, hiring a professional to clear away scuff marks from baseboards and dust from windowsills can make a big difference in making your home ready for sale. These cleaners should clean the grout, shower head, tables and chairs, blinds, inside cupboards and cabinets, and other areas you might miss in your weekly cleaning routine.

Contact Best Agent today to find a top Realtor to sell your house and for information on how to transform your house into a buyer’s dream home.