Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal to Decrease Days on the Market

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Your home's curb appeal, or lack thereof, can have a huge impact on potential buyers.

To make it a standout property in your local housing market, focus first on what already exists and then turn to DIY improvements. When finished, you'll be presenting your property at its best, helping to sell your home quickly and at top dollar.

Sprucing up your home's exterior

Begin by standing out near the street and looking at your home through the objective eyes of a buyer. Does the trim paint look faded? Do you still have dead leaves in your landscaping?

  • Begin at your entryway. Remove any spiderwebs, abandoned bird nests and dirt. Be sure the porch and walkway are swept clean and are free of all debris. Clean any windows, including any sidelights at your front door.
  • Remove any dead plants or leaves, including old flower blooms. Pull all weeds. Bushes and hedges should be trimmed back into shape.
  • Mow your lawn. Don't forget to use an edger or trimmer around walkways, trees and mailboxes, as well as alongside your home's foundation, where it can be difficult to get close with a mower.
  • Consider powerwashing your home's entire exterior. At the least, you will want to spray down the front entry area to be sure it looks fresh and inviting.

Add the finishing touches

Once your home's exterior has been thoroughly cleaned, your next step is to spruce up your curb appeal by adding some finishing touches.

  • Give your mailbox, front door and home's trim fresh paint.
  • Add fresh mulch to your landscaping.
  • Fresh flowering plants can add a welcome burst of color for your home's curb appeal. If yours are looking tired or neglected, consider replacing them with fresh ones.
  • If your landscaping is a bit sparse, add some small shrubs or other greenery in addition to flowers.
  • Outdoor entertainment spaces are more important than ever, so don't forget your backyard. Consider adding some DIY pavers to your existing patio and changing out faded cushions on patio furniture. Just as with the front of your home, fresh flowers add a beautiful pop of color.

Improving your home's curb appeal is an excellent way to prepare your home for market. An experienced, top real estate agent will not only have the knowledge of the local housing market to get your home sold quickly and at top dollar, but can also offer advice on how to ensure your home is looking its best. Contact Best Agent Today to be provided with the top 20 percent of agents in your area. Choose with confidence.