Engage the Senses of Prospective Buyers to Sell Your Home

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We've all heard it before: Put some cookies in the oven before the Realtor brings prospective buyers to view your home.

Why? Because you play on a buyer's sense of smell to make them feel relaxed and "at home." This creates a memory and pleasant association with your home that can influence them to make an offer.

1. Create Memory With Scent

Scent is a powerful motivator to help you sell your home quickly. In most people, scents are tied to enjoyable childhood memories.

To start, make sure the home smells clean. If it's been home to pets, smokers, heavy perfume wearers, etc, you may want to consider new carpet and window treatments. Deep clean surfaces to reduce any mildew smells.

Now, it's time to add scents that people have positive feelings about:

  • Fresh flowers in the dining room
  • Clean towels in the bathroom
  • Dryer-fresh bedding
  • Freshly cleaned carpet (if not replaced)

Other scents you'll find homebuyers love: vanilla, citrus, cilantro, cucumber, cinnamon, and lavender. Keep in mind that scents will co-mingle. So don't overdo it.

2. Influence Perceptions With Sight

First, declutter. It may seem cozy to you, but you'll find homebuyers struggling to see themselves in a space that's packed with your things. If you're still living here, consider getting a mobile storage unit that can be taken to your new home. This will also make it easier to spot areas that you may have missed while cleaning.

Strategically stage the home to make the space seem open and flowing. Depersonalize it while applying modern trends. And don't forget about curb appeal.

3. Use Sounds to Sell Your Home

Relaxing music will appeal to most buyers. If the weather and distance from the street allow, open the windows so they can hear the songbirds outside. However, consider how sound moves through the space. Can you hear the street traffic? Does the living room echo? Are bedrooms right off the living room? Staging with soft furniture and rugs, closing the front door and windows during showings, and getting storm windows are some of the ways you can improve the sound.

4. Touch & Textures You'll Find Homebuyers Love

People are drawn to soft textures like a pile of fresh towels in the bathroom and a velvety throw blanket in the bedroom or living room. People may also want to touch wood grain, silk, faux fur, feathers, and coarse granite. Create a touch experience during staging and subtly invite people to touch.

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