Part 1 Success When Selling Your Home

First in a series of articles about the home selling process: Finding an Agent

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Here at we work hard every day to provide you with recommendations of the best real estate agents within localized individual markets. We help you eliminate the painstaking, finger-crossing process of sorting through page after page of agent names trying to find the right realtor to sell your home. Within each market we provide a recommendation of four of the best agents based upon the conclusions of our independent market research. We believe by providing you with our market analyses, you in turn will be able to relax and make a more informed decision when you take that first step in parting with your home or searching for a new one. You can then feel comfortable knowing that your transaction will be in the hands of a professional. “Finding an Agent” is the first step in the home selling process and the first edition of our continuing blog series, Success When Selling Your Home_._ So, how do you effectively go about finding an agent that meets both your goals and expectations? Let’s take a look.

There are more than 2 million licensed real estate agents in the United States. Many people find the process of vetting agents a long and overwhelming undertaking, BUT this is actually the most crucial element in the home selling process. Throughout the course of your home sale you will be working closely with your agent, so it is very important that you have a common understanding of what your agent can do for you, what they need from you, and what your expectations are from them. Hiring an agent that is tailored to your specific needs is the key; it will give you the greatest potential for success.

The best real estate agents are those who are truly professional and hard-working—providing you with the best deal in the shortest amount of time. A real estate agent that knows the market will be able to accurately evaluate all aspects of your home and price it correctly. Virtually all of the best realtors agree on this very important point; don’t over-price or under-price your property. When this occurs, your property loses market interest quickly, and may even result in a price reduction down the road.

An old adage of the real estate industry is that 90% of business is completed by only 10% of agents—it is imperative to find the top producing agent to satisfy your end goal of selling your home. Top producing agents are experienced and with this deliver constancy when pricing, listing, marketing, and closing your home sale, ultimately bringing about a success story.

In an ever-changing time in society the inevitable move is in all of our futures—whether it be relocating for work or a need for warmer weather (especially after this past winter) When it comes to parting with your most valued possession make YOUR home sale a success, turn to to find your best agent today!