Frequently asked questions

How do you determine who is a top producing agent?

Our research team analyzes every real estate transaction in every town to verify who the Top Producers are in your community. Our statistical modeling system analyzes a number of factors to determine our Agent Productivity Index, including; the number of transactions, days on the market, actual price versus original price, etc. And since all real estate is 'local', we then take the numerical result and compare it against all the other agents in that community. That gives us an accurate representation of the most productive agents as they relate to each other in that community. So no matter where you live, you can be confident of the result. We take the integrity of our recommendations very seriously. It is the basic principle of our business.

Can any agent simply "buy" their way into being recommended on

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We are contacted all the time by agents who would like to get the benefits of being recommended here, but we NEVER recommend anyone as a top producer that isn't a top producer in the community. We wish them well, of course, and hope that they make the cut next year!

I'm not comfortable giving my personal information over the internet.

We don't blame you one little bit! That's exactly how we feel too. So we made our site work the way we'd like to see all sites work. You don't have to fill out any forms to get our recommendations. We put it all out there for you. By the way, we don't recommend putting other types of private information into websites either. Some sites will ask you how much you want to sell your home for, or why you're selling, etc. This is private information that should only be shared with your agent in person. Of course, something you SHOULD tell your agent is that you found them on

Will it cost me anything to use the service?

Nothing. Not one penny. And part of our certification process is getting an assurance from each agent that they won't charge you anything extra for finding them here.

Are the realtors you recommend in each town ranked in order??

We could rank agents but we've chosen not to. We put our recommended agents on a level playing field and we let you choose between them for whatever reason is the most important to you and your family. With the experience of our independent research group, we are confident we are presenting you with the very best real estate agents in the country! Each has the expertise to help make your transaction a successful one. So we give you the best of the best – no further ranking necessary!

Can I connect with a top producer without logging in?

You are never required to 'log in' or give your personal information to connect with the professionals we recommend. We give you several means to connect and suggest you choose the means you are most comfortable with – which may be a simple telephone call! And even if you'd like to send an email or a text, we still respect your privacy, only the agent you select will see it - PERIOD.

Why do some of the recommended agents not have a Certified Top Producer emblem?

Every agent recommended here is a top producer, which is a long list when you add up all the towns that we service. Getting from top producer status to "Certified Top Producer" requires a personal contact by us - and it takes a lot of time to get through that list! So, if an agent does not have the Certified Top Producer emblem it is not an indication of their skills, it simply means we have not yet completed that agent's certification. But - we're working on it.

I don't see pictures or biographies for some agents, just their name and contact information, does that mean they are not top producers?

We normally get photos and bios from agents during our Certification process. In most cases, agents without a picture or bio have not had the opportunity for us to complete their certification, but are certainly qualified to help you with your real estate needs. We encourage you to interview each agent we recommend, picture or not, to determine the best fit for you!

Why does research matter when choosing an agent?

Research matters because experience matters! All the agents we recommend have been verified by our research team as top producers. In essence, we've done the homework so you can choose an agent with the confidence that they can produce good results for you.

The agent I am considering working with is not recommended on your site. How can I find out if she is an experienced realtor?

Some agents may still be a good choice for your particular circumstance, even if they're not shown here. Give us a call or send us an email and we'll let you know the specifics about an agent's experience. Our research team may have information on other agents not shown here. Selling your home can be a stressful process and we'd like to help you through that process the best we can.